Kris Salyards, Executive Director
Heather Mlynek, Quality Assurance & Compliance Director
Samantha Schroll, Crisis Intervention Supervisor
Colin McGreevy, Child & Family Counseling Supervisor


Joanna Clement, Development Specialist
Karen Bruck, Development Associate
Nicholas Ehardt, Digital Marketing Associate

Community Engagement

Destiny Salazar, Intake Coordinator
Gabi Garcia, Mentor Program Case Manager


Julie Murphy, Family Stabilization Counselor
Maribel Rodriguez, Bilingual Family Stabilization Counselor
Nik Wicks, Family Stabilization Counselor
Rachel Lacheta, Family Stabilization Counselor


Adriana Castro, Bilingual Child & Family Therapist
Michaela Perez, Bilingual Child & Family Therapist
Reagan Bell, Child & Family Therapist


Pat Kulma, Secretary/Receptionist
Jennifer Benson, Office Manager

Board of Directors

James Brenner

James Brenner
Board Chair

Gerald Chapman

Gerald Chapman
Vice Chair

Roxanne Whitcamp

John Fedus

John Fedus

Jakub Amrogowicz

Jakub Amrogowicz

Greg Davis

Greg Davis

Tom Donohue

Tom Donohue

Jim Ekeberg

Jim Esposito

Nataly Kaiser

Pete Kain

Mary Pat Krones

Raymond Mau

Joe Murphy

Andrew Merz

Andrew Merz

Joanie Perez

Lisa Pollock

John Sullivan

Stephen Whited


The Bridge is part of a wide variety of organizations that are dedicated to helping youth and families achieve social and emotional health. We partner with other townships and corporates to make sure individuals who are at risk in our communities receive the help they need.


Thousands of kids and families in our communities have gained support to achieve social and emotional health. We aim to continue our success and help as many kids and families as possible.

Look at Our Year in Review Report for more information: