Family Stabilization: 24/7 crisis response
services for youth ages 12-17

Are you in a crisis? Are you on the verge of or have experienced a breakdown?
Are you locked out and can’t go home?

If you are between the ages of 12-17 and facing a crisis, call Family Stabilization.

If you believe Family Stabilization might be helpful for your child and family, call Family Stabilization.

Hotline: 847-776-3720

What is Family Stabilization?

Our Family Intervention team intervenes with families who are on the verge of, or who have experienced a breakdown. In many cases, our team responds to youth who have run away, have been locked out, or who are otherwise homeless. Services are available 24 hours a day every day of the year. This critical program aims to unify, or reunify families, repair relationships, and maintain a safe home environment with a goal to divert them from the Department of Children and Family Services or the Juvenile Justice System when possible.

Who can Family Stabilization help?

  • Youth 12 – 17 years old who are in a crisis and need support
  • Youth who are at risk of involvement with the child welfare system (DCFS)
  • Youth who are at risk of involvement with the juvenile justice system

Call if you know a youth who is:

  • A run-away
  • Homeless
  • Locked out of their homes and can not return home
  • Beyond parents control and in immediate danger

When to Call the Crisis Team

Education Partners

  • Student refuses to return home
  • Student reports that they do not feel safe returning home
  • Student reports that they are homeless or their family is homeless
  • Student needs a substance abuse assessment
  • Student needs a suicide/homicide assessment
  • Assistance in facilitating a psychiatric evaluation
  • Student reports abuse (and DCFS has yet to be contacted)
  • Student reports an intention to run away
  • Parent/Guardian is requesting a crisis intervention

Law Enforcement Partners

  • Parent or legal guardian is refusing to take their child home (lock-out)
  • Youth is refusing to return home
  • Youth is suicidal and/or homicidal
  • Youth has run away from home
  • Youth outside of your department’s service area requires transportation back to their home town and legal guardian refuses to get them
  • Youth needs emergency shelter
  • Mediation for family conflict involving a youth
  • Youth reports abuse and/or neglect
  • Family is in need of mental health services

Crisis Counselors are trained to de-escalate high-stress situations and, long-term, The Bridge helps kids and their families move forward to lead healthier, more successful lives. 

What Happens After A Crisis Intervention

Following a crisis intervention, a member of The Bridge Crisis Team will contact the youth/family for follow up. To aid in successful reunification (the goal of The Bridge), the youth/family is afforded 90 days of FREE counseling services at The Bridge to work through stabilization of the crisis situation.

The Bridge Crisis Team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Partner Service Documents

Family Stabilization (English):
Counseling Forms
Fee Agreement
Release of Information