The Bridge Family Stabilization Team is ready to help 24/7/365 if youth have away,
are homeless, or if the young person has been locked out of their home.

Hotline: 847-776-3720


In emergency situations, police/hospital or school personnel call 847-776-3720 to reach our team. Our counselors respond to police departments, schools and hospitals to intervene where the 11–17-year-old youth has no place to sleep or is refusing to go home. Our services require the participation of a family member or guardian as our goal is to keep youth out of DCFS and Juvenile Justice.


In non-emergency situations, our counselors respond to youth when they are truant from school, are using substances, have been in trouble with police, or have other high-risk behavior, parents, guardians, and school personnel may call 847-776-3720 M-F 9am -5pm for immediate support and assistance during the normal business day.

Services are FREE for up to 90 days with no insurance requirements.

When to Call the Crisis Team

Education Partners

  • Student refuses to return home
  • Student reports that they do not feel safe returning home
  • Student reports that they are homeless or their family is homeless
  • Student needs a substance abuse assessment
  • Assistance in facilitating a psychiatric evaluation
  • Student reports an intention to run away
  • Parent/Guardian is requesting support for high risk behavior

Law Enforcement Partners

  • Parent or legal guardian is refusing to take their child home (lock-out)
  • Youth is refusing to return home
  • Youth has run away from home
  • Youth outside of your department’s service area requires transportation back to their home town and legal guardian refuses to get them
  • Youth needs emergency shelter
  • Mediation for family conflict involving a youth
  • Family is in need of mental health services

Long-Term Support and Services

Once a youth has been returned home, placed with a family member/friend, or been provided with short-term 48-hour respite shelter, the Family Stabilization Counselor provides intensive support to the family to reunify them if placement occurred, maintain a safe and healthy home if the youth returned home, and ensures long-term success by providing services and support that reinforce family expectations, boundaries, and relationships.

Partner Service Documents

Family Stabilization (English):
Counseling Forms
Fee Agreement
Release of Information