May is Mental Health Awareness Month! This month recognizes the awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in Americans’ lives and to celebrate recovery from mental illness. “Nearly 20% of children and young people ages 3-17 in the United States have a mental, emotional, developmental, or behavioral disorder…” (U.S. National Library of Medicine). With mental health disorders on the rise, here are some ways you can get involved and make a difference in May. 

Check Up on Family & Friends

Reaching out to family and friends can really help people overcome challenges. Checking in allows you to connect with others and can strengthen relationships over time. A text message or phone call can go a long way. These small acts can help you open up and become more articulate about each other’s lives. Talking and spending time with positive family and friends is shown to be helpful for people with anxiety or depression.

Create and Share Educational Posts 

Sharing and creating educational mental health posts on social media is a great way to spread awareness for mental health. These posts can include self-care tips, personal stories, mental health statistics, positive messages, etc. Sharing and creating posts help boost social media timelines and help get the message out to your followers and viewers. Here is an easy way you can create and share mental health posts this May (Canva).

Spend Some Time on Yourself

Spending time with family and friends is important but also giving yourself time is just as important. Spending time alone can help you develop a better understanding of who you are. The better you know yourself, the more likely you are doing things you love, learning things that interest you, and spending time with people who make you feel good. This May, treat yourself to your favorite snacks, partake in your favorite activities, and travel to your favorite places!


There are several opportunities this May for you to get involved in your community. Volunteer to support mental health organizations who offer mental health services. Here at The Bridge, we have several volunteer opportunities including mentoring, associate board, events, and office support. Your time goes a long way in supporting our youth and families who are in need of support and guidance.